Susana Escribano

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My name is Susana Escribano, born in Barcelona. As a little girl I remember that dolls bored me very much and due to that I began to make them clothes which amused me a great deal. I was scarcely 15 years old when I got the diploma of Dressmaking Teacher. I began to design myself my own clothes. I studied Fashion design when I began to appreciate this aspect of life which fascinated me more and more. Since then I have done a bit of everything: sewing with a flat machine in series, serving in a haberdasher’s store and giving lessons of pattern cutting in a school. In this way I learned that the world of fashion is not only reduced to design and that the surrounding environment is not very well known, also that one can dedicate oneself to the cutting of patterns, the design of printed materials in colours, the departments of quality, the art of shopping etc.. Later on I went to Alicante where I took the opportunity to study the patterns of shoes and their design. It was there that I began to work more surely, learning a lot.Due to changes of life I live now in León. Here I worked for sometime in a company that manufactures working clothes. Thanks to Junta de Castilla y León I obtained a prize and had the opportunity of staying in Milán where I mastered in Fashion Designing. Now I am a freelance and have created my own brand “Susana Escribano”. Though I have won some prizes I do not consider myself the best, it is not only that one has had a design collection and wins money. What is difficult is to make others to consider you as a good designer in all the collections you have done not only for one. I have also a teacher that tells us that if you wish to do something, do it well. If not, do not do it. Susana Escribano